ART OF SEDUCTION 

candles lit, music's right
I've got plans to seduce tonight ,
I'm in charge .. you like it .. Ok?
going to control you in a most sensual way
I've taken care to dress real nice,
I'm going to blow you .. with erotic spice
I start to undress, start to tease
I wont be happy till your on your knees
we start to kiss, silk skin caress,
your getting hot, a seduction success
as your hands start to roam.
its too late .. your not goin home
now our clothes are on the floor,
both naked .. cept for Christian Dior 
I start to moan, beg and plead,
In doin so .. i increase your need

(c) mandy rigby 22.05.2014

Hi there, glad you came to visit me today! I want to tell you about a few items I am featuring in this post today!

First is Moondance Boutique Crystal Ice Adult Jewelry set which will be available at XXX Event on Feb 15th. This set includes a beautiful collar, earrings, cuffs, rings and nipple rings. It also includes a hud to change the various gems/metals of the jewelry. Ooh and I found out by mistake, giggles, that it is also RLV enable!

Another feature item in this post is that really awesome tattoo you see on my avatar. Its call Ruze tattoo for Woman and its by Juna Artistic Tattoo Store.  It's in the Bodyfy Event for February until the 24th.  This tattoo comes with applier huds for the leading mesh bodies as well as classic body and offers 3 different tones. Light, medium and dark.

Other things I am wearing you may be interested in

-- Skin - Head Skin tone that comes with Vista Diana Hud by *YS&YS* with *YS&YS* Tone 00 Body applier v2.0
-- Hair - AD "Analog Dog Hair" - sassafras - light blondes